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Meet Our Team


Our Founder

In 2015, LaDonte 'Mr. GetRight' Lotts founded “JiggAerobics,” a dance-based fitness program that fuses "jigging," an energetic Louisiana dance style with LaDonte’s own personal dance moves and numerous plyometric exercises. His biggest goal is to inspire people to achieve a better quality of life, take care of their bodies, and maintain a positive attitude. LaDonte personally uses his own body as a tool of expression, and JiggAerobics is his way of instilling that same positive energy into others. His life's mantra is “Keep Yo’ Cheese Up,” a phrase he uses which means “staying in your highest spirits at all times and through all adversity.”

Our Clinician 

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"When I exercise/train I go all in! The ultimate goal is to make gains but to have fun doing it! JiggAerobics is the perfect combination of fun and fitness all wrapped into one. Certified aerobics instructor Ladonte Lotts has found the ultimate fitness challenge for all ages and fitness levels. As the official doctor for JiggAerobics, I was honored to join forces with a trusted brand dedicated to making fitness, health and wellness fun and accessible to all."

 -Rani G Whitfield, MD

Master Trainers

Master Trainer
Xavier Barreda
Master Trainer
Taylor Akharume
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