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I want everyone to feel the beauty of yoga with No Stressing Just Stretching! So whether you are new to yoga or an expert this yoga program will have you feeling positive, relaxed, and stress free! 

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"Yoga Maya"

Yoga Expert & Specialized Trainer

RELAX & RELEASE with No Stressing Just Stretching and start feeling positive and relaxed! Our Expert Instructor Yoga Maya will guide you through the basics of yoga such as:   

  • Beginner and Advanced Yoga Sequences With Soothing R&B Music

  • Flexibility and Deep Breathing Techniques 

  • Guided Meditations 

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-Yoga Maya-


Maya Anderson

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Stretch The Stress Away!

Beginner & Advanced Yoga Sequences

Focus on learning New Choreography, Stretch Techniques, & Dance Etiquette.

Yoga Maya guides you through a sequence of stretches that are designed to Relax Your Body, Relieve Your Mind, and Restore Your Positive Energy! 


Flexibility and Deep Breathing 

Yoga Maya focuses on yoga poses that will stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion. She will also take you through various deep breathing exercises to help with relaxation.


Guided Meditations 

Our Guided Meditations will teach you to relax specific muscles in your body to achieve mental, emotional and physical healing and stress relief. 

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RnB Yoga Class

No Stressing! Just Stretching!

Deluxe R&B Yoga Kit 

  • Increase Your Flexibility!

  • Stretch The Stress Away!

  • 25 min Beginner Yoga Sequence

  • 25 min Advanced Yoga Session