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HBCU Majorette Captains Team Up For A New Type Of Fitness!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

HBCU Majorette Captains Team Up To Create "The Best Of Both Worlds" For Dancers Everywhere!

Kayla Gorden, Former JSU J-Sette Captain. Photo Courtesy Of Sbots Media Productions

Danielle Stamper, Former Southern University Dancing Doll Captain. Photo Courtesy Of Jukebox Media..

Little Black girls dream of being a HBCU band majorette far more often than they fantasize of being a ballerina. Majorettes are celebrities and for millions across the country, the pinnacle of Black femininity.

Existing as the focal point of some of the world’s greatest wonders – HBCU halftime shows – elevates gorgeous, athletic and scholarly ladies to instant icons. The pathway to be one, however, is often mysterious and difficult. It often requires years of training, networking and access that most don’t have but that’s all about to change.

Two Captains. One Goal.

Two former captains of HBCU majorette squads have teamed up to personally offer little girls everywhere exclusive training, inspiration and coaching, right from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to the new Best of Both Worlds Majorette Dance Bundle,’ every little girl will have the skill and access they need to be the next HBCU majorette superstar.

Kayla Gorden was a four year standout on the Prancing J-Settes, the jewel in the crown of Jackson State University’s famous ‘Sonic Boom of the South’ marching band. Danielle Stamper was a member of the world famous Fabulous Dancing Dolls for five years, the stars of Southern University’s ‘Human Jukebox’ marching band. Although they attended rival schools, the pair has teamed up with fitness company, JiggAerobics, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, to release a new digital tutorial that gives every aspiring dancer the inside tools, tips and training they’ll need to make the squad, which is no easy task.

Making The Change!

“The HBCU majorette world is so popular and social media has made it 10 times bigger than it was years ago. Little girls aspire to be on these teams but they’re not getting the proper training,” said Kayla Gorden. Danielle Stamper added, “I grew up in a poverty-stricken area so I understand that many of these young ladies come from families that simply don’t have much. There are dance schools in the Baton Rouge area but they’re expensive and there aren’t many dance instructors who come here to host camps. This is our way of doing something about it!”

Gorden and Stamper are disrupting the norm and democratizing access like never before. Without spending thousands or traveling across the country, aspiring dancers now have access to the best, authentic coaching, from ladies who are top tier experts. Stamper says, “People always DM us requesting to meet and talk but there's simply no way that we can be in 10 places at one time. Now they can have unlimited access to us from home.”

Best Of Both Worlds Majorette Dance Bundle

Our Special Trainers have teamed up to bring you 2 styles of high-energy, synchronized, and rhythmic HBCU Dance Techniques to get you ready for your next audition!

“And our dance bundle isn’t just for young ladies but for some young men who feel they can’t learn our styles and dance freely. Also, adults who want to live out their majorette fantasies, can now do so at their leisure!” exclaimed Gorden.

What is inside of the Majorette Dance Bundle?

In ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ viewers are taken through a series of educational content that conveys the energy, precision and timelessness of game day, combined with the personal coaching needed to master the craft. Gorden’s ‘Buck & Tuck Dance Fitness Collection’ is inspired by her time with the Prancing J-Settes and gives viewers a personal training and workout regimen that very few could afford otherwise. Stamper’s ‘Stamped Dance Fitness Collection’ is an intimate experience with a seasoned coach who’s invested in you. Both collections are valued at $587 collectively but for a limited time are being offered in a bundle for just $74.99. For those who can’t travel across the country for exclusive camps or afford the hefty tuition at some of the various institutions, this is your chance.

  • Learn New Dance Stretch Techniques

  • Learn Exclusive Dance Routines and 8 Counts


  • Have Fun and Experience HBCU Dance Fitness

  • Exclusive Behind The Scenes

Where Are They Now?

Gorden and Stamper are wildly successful today. Stamper is a dance teacher in Baton Rouge at her alma mater, McKinley High School which was the first for Blacks in the state of Louisiana when it opened in 1907. She has also danced for Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ project, R&B star Usher and is currently the coach for Texas Southern University’s “Motion of the Ocean” dance team and a cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints. Gorden is an Environmental Engineer, coach of ABA league’s Atlanta Storm Dance Team and a dance majorette instructor for girls ages 5-18 at the Dancing Doll Studio is Atlanta, GA. She has danced in commercials with pop star Ciara, appeared in Mac cosmetics ads and her college dance journey was spotlighted by CNN.

Both owe their success to the tremendous launching pads they had as HBCU majorettes. What they have, they now wish to share with others and through this bundle, they are doing just that!

Are you ready to “Get Stamped” & “Get Buck?”

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