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Hey dance family!

My name is Danielle Jana-Leone Remson, and I'm 21 years old.

I'm from Oakland, CA- and have been lovin dance since I could walk.

At the age of 7, I began dance lessons at Dance Theatre Arts in Hayward, CA (2007-2010)

Jazz and tap were the first styles I fell in love with, and began performing at county fairs, events, and local competitions.

When I turned 14, I decided to learn more about different cultural dance styles. Versatility of body movement was something I yearned for as a teenage artist/athlete. Teoraroa O'tea (Hawaiian/Tahitian Dance Studio in Hayward CA. Danced here for 4 years.) became my second home, and their built-in sense of family helped motivate my highschool decisions.

Lastly; junior and senior year of highschool, Step/Majorette became my afterschoool sport along with Track & Field. 2 years of practicing everyday fueled the self-love and determination needed to be a good leader.

Now that i'm a 21 year old Allied Health major at Chabot Community College in Hayward, CA- the decision to own a dance studio/choreograph is a dream come true, the more and more I work towards this ultimate goal! My love for dance will never fade, and I am eager to learn from the dance community here on Jigga Aerobics. Looking forward to making positive connections with everybody!

-Danielle Remson

Danielle Jana-Leone
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