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LaDonte Lotts

CEO/Founder of JiggAerobics

LaDonte Lotts is an energetic entertainer, businessman, personal trainer, and motivational speaker, hailing from the great city of Houston, Texas. LaDonte was trained in all styles of dance, but had a particular passion for hip-hop. When his parents could no longer afford to have him formally instructed, he began to teach himself dance by watching television and YouTube videos. Always the entertainer, Mr. Lotts joined his high school step team, dance team, and the marching band.

“KEEP YO CHEESE UP!” - LaDonte Lotts

Xavier Barreda

Master Trainer

Xavier Barreda, a native of Houston Texas, Is a young man of many talents! His passion for music, dance, step, and spreading positivity in various communities has led him to become our new JiggAerobics instructor! He is a graduate from Prairie View A&M University and truly believes everyone should do what they love and love what they do!


Taylor akharume

Master Trainer

Taylor Akharume is a graduate of Jackson State University. She is a dancer first and a Jigger (one who jiggs) second :). She hopes to become a successful entertainer, attain her J.D. in business/entertainment, and become a business owner and entrepreneur. Her actions and demeanor often convey her belief that her purpose in life is to bring joy and happiness into the lives of people in any way that she can.

The motto that she lives each day by is, 

“If you’re doing something you love with genuine and positive intentions, God will make sure you’re always Blessed!”   - Xavier Barreda

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