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  • Learn Choreography  

  • Expert Dance Stretch Techniques

  • Chair & Standing Dance Etiquette

WORKOUT & DANCE in the comfort of your own home and get ready to GET STAMPED! The Stamped Dance Fitness Collection will cover 3 components to help improve your dancing skills:

I designed The Stamped Dance Fitness Collection to help you become a better and more professional dancer all while Being Beautiful! "

-Danielle Stamper-

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Danielle Stamper

Dance Expert & Specialized Trainer

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Core Stamped Techniques

Focus on Learning New Choreography, Stretch Techniques, & Dance Etiquette.

Learn Choreography 

Our Dance Expert guides you through a series of easy-to-follow choreography that includes Fun Follow Me Exercises as well as 8 and 16 Count Dance Routines!

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Expert Dance Stretch Techniques

Stretching is very important before your partake in any physical activity. Danielle Stamper will walk you through important stretch techniques to improve your muscular flexibility. 

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Chair & Standing Dance Etiquette

Our Dance Expert will cover the Do's and Don'ts of dance to help you become a more professional dancer in the Stands and Chairs. 

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The Stamped Dance Fitness Collection: 

Deluxe Kit (16 Videos Total)

The Deluxe Kit is the ALL-IN-ONE Dance Fitness Kit to help you GET STAMPED! This Collection Includes:

  • The Starter Kit

      - Stamped Core Moves

      - Chair & Stand Etiquette 

      - Strutting Techniques


  • The Dance Tutorial Kit

      - Step by Step            


      - Routines To Slow, Medium,

        and Fast Tempos

      - Basic & Intermediate Dance


  • The Follow Me Kit

      - Basic Follow Along 


      - 8 & 16 "Counts" To Slow, 

        Medium & Fast Tempos