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"The Learning Center GetRight Plan"

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Connecting Everyone,
For Total Engagement

Choose top-tier services that make you the top choice: prioritizing child development and strengthening parent-teacher relationships.

Student GetRight Experience

Student Engagement

Top Features

Play-Based Learning

Motivational Environment

Boost Energy & Confidence

Increased Engagement

The GetRight Professional

Professional Development

Top Features

Cultural Competence

Enhanced Knowledge and Skills

Innovation and Creativity

Improved Quality of Care

Family GetRight Experience

Community Engagement

Top Features

Enhanced Reputation

Social Development

Stronger Support Network

Cultural Enrichment 

The GetRight Specialist Program

12 Week Dedicated Trainer

Top Features

Consistent Engagement 

Consistent Motivation

Positive Behavior Development

Enhanced Social Skills

Why Centers Trust The GetRight Plan

Yes, trust. (Really.)

Student Experience

Student Experience

Your Child Deserves The Best

Imagine your child motivated, engaged, and excited to learn every day. The Learning Center GetRight Plan is designed to make this a reality. We provide tailored educational experiences that meet each learning center's unique needs. We bring the energy and expertise to create a motivational environment 

needed to propel students toward success. 

When we initially met with the owners they listened to our vision and helped bring it to life. They were full of energy and kept our students fully engaged. Learning, exercise, and fun all wrapped up in one. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for fabulous service and an amazing activity don’t look any further.

KIM B, Tiny Learners Academy 

Getright Professional

Professional Development

Create An Inspiring Environment That Ensures Success

Don't let your learning center miss out on a vibrant, fun, and motivating atmosphere. Ensure your professionals are trained to create a space prioritizing children's academic and personal growth with a commitment to excellence.

If you want positive and high energy, you’re in the right place. I’m always inspired to change my life and have fun doing it. Great program. Awesome coaches. Love the overall positivity they bring.


Shanese Chapman, All-Stars Childcare Center


Community Engagement

Be The Heart of Your Community

Visualize your learning center not just as an educational facility, but as a cornerstone of the community. By hosting an event that brings together local families and organizations, you create a supportive network. Parents will see your dedication to their child’s success and feel reassured knowing their children are in the best hands. Enhance your center’s reputation and make a lasting impact with our community engagement event. Your center deserves to be the heart of the community.

Get Lit While You Get Fit!
Want to transform a group, gathering, or an entire campus? Book Jiggaerobics!!! The crowd will have you begging for another session.

#Fun #Sweat #Energy


Rashad Pierre, Birmingham City Schools

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12 Week Dedicated Trainer

Elevate Student Engagement with a Dedicated Expert

Bring unparalleled energy and inspiration to your learning center with our dedicated expert, who will engage with students consistently over 12 weeks. Experience the benefits of Consistent Motivation, Enhanced Engagement, Personalized Support, and Sustained Growth.

Great Energy and is a master at teaching! I’ll advise everyone to have classes for your center.

germey leday.png

Geremy Leday, ABCs Learning Childcare Center

Simplified Engagement In One Place

Why juggle multiple programs to keep students, teachers, and families engaged? We believe in keeping it simple. Our Mobile and Desktop App gives your center access to connect with for success.

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*Only available on Apple Store. Google Play Coming Soon

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The All-In-One Plan...

For Learning Center Success

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One Plan for Total Engagement: In-Person and Virtual

We created The Learning Center GetRight Plan—a comprehensive program designed to cater to the dynamic needs of students, teachers, and families. Our plan ensures a holistic approach to education, blending face-to-face interaction with virtual tools for a cohesive and engaging learning experience.

Built For Learning Centers Who Care For Everyone

Simple User-Friendly Mobile & Desktop App

Flexible & Transparent Pricing (No Hidden Fees)

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Join Countless Learning Centers
That Trust The GetRight Plan For Success

Complete this form so we can understand your needs and provide the best possible solutions for your learning center. Your input allows us to tailor our services to fit your unique requirements,

Thank you for helping us enhance your center’s success.

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